XCII : I want to Believe

 My mom is watching X files and the title caught my attention..
 I want to believe in a lot if things so.... ^^;

Out of boredom, I skimmed through my almost-a-hundred-blog-posts and I realized that I never really updated this blog. I used to talk about the things happening in my life and I didn't do that for uh 6 mos?

Ive been saying that I was busy at school / work .. well I went on food trips in between. I went to an amusement park last August (and yeah I still didnt rode roller coasters haha). I turned twenty and I finally tried bowling..

Anyway fast forward to present....

The picture above were taken yesterday at a Korean restaurant in downtown. Oh yeah that too, Ive been eating a lot of Korean foods lately hehehe.


Melody said...

Oooh what is that interesting dish O; ?

And eek, life sometimes just catches up to us and we get so busy that we forget to blog! Not that it's a bad thing :) !

♥Bunny♥ said...

the food looks soooo yummy!!
You should just do mini updates! than it wont take too long to update ^^

Shasha said...

I love korean food too :)
Btw, thanks for your comment at my blog :)
Nice to meet you ^^

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