XCI : Dear Brother

I rarely call my brother by his first name. When I do, it means Im mad at him. And today I did..

Aside from ice cream, I really really (like) love camera's. Not because Im too vain that I love taking looooots of selca, but because I feel like I should capture everything :p

Im more of the vintage-lomo fan. I prefer film camera's than the digital one's. Though film could be really expensive, I think its easier to express creativity and pictures are more real (no photoshopping and all)

Last Friday, I bought my 6th camera. A Diana F+ Novella together with the Instant back + to transform it into a Polaroid or an instant camera.

I already have the Fujifilm Instax mini but Lomography camera are my dream camera's and since it was on sale (50% off) i hurriedly snatched the camera. Whats surprising is that its an additional 50% off so I only paid around $30 :D
**which made film more expensive than the camera haha

Just imagine my face when I unboxed it LOL. First 3 shots were wasted TT thats for not reading instructions and for being a Lomography-noob. 4th and 5th were okay. I used half the film already so I decided to save the rest.

And thats when my brother entered the scene.

Brother: Wheres your new camera ^_^
Me: **cause I was so so happy I started showing him the shots I took**
Brother: **took the camera** Ooh this is so light **examines the camera carefully and kaboom open it**

sucks! ><"

Thanks for ruining my day Dennis!
**you are really annoying but I still love you. Now you owe me some film**


Ken said...

you have so many cameras! i have that fisheye camera in pink and i am looking to replace my fuji instax 7 with a 50.


Elisa ♥ said...

omg suckssss but he didnt mean it.. was an accident so its ok right >.<

Rindodo ♥ said...

waaa I like the one in pink! totally cute <333

Loveforfood said...

wow! so many of them. i like the Nikon and the pink colour too.

ellyphant said...

Aww~ I bet he didn't do it out of spite~
Don't worry, you can buy polaroids online for far cheaper

Melody said...

I loveeeee your collection! I want to have something similar! Atm, I have a few cameras but the majority are digital ..so need to get more film based ones !

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