XC : Bye Boring Wall

Hello blog! Hello readers (if theres still someone who visits)

I keep on saying that Im busy, to think of it I still have time for blogging if I knew how to spend time wisely..

Anyway I was away from school and work for a week. Slacking off LOL no. Unfortunately I had an accident at work resulting to a head concussion so the doctor told me to get a week off. Sucks cause theres a lot going on this week.

Call me stubborn but because of these things I still tried going to class and trust me, it didnt turned out okay.

Its so boring staying at home and my room looks so boring as well. Ive been wanting to change my wall color and get a photo hanger thingy but I could only find one online, and shipping was a joke :p Im cheap like that so yesterday I just decided to make one myself and I also bought a tree sticker for my wall since I dont have time to paint the wall (or I might be just to lazy to paint it)

So heres how it looks like now :D
**no more plain boring white wall ㅋㅋ

1 comment:

Shen said...

Head concussion? Get well soon if you haven't already! D: Rest well! That aside, the tree sticker looks great, it really does make things look more interesting!

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