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So I was tagged by Shasha for the "11 Random Facts About Me", I think I did something similar already? If not well then here I go...

1. Post these rules
2. You must post 11 random things about yourself
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to aanswer
5. Go to their blog and tell them you tag them
6. Tag 11 people

Random Facts About Me

1. I've had a trauma after a huge pot fell on my head last November, so now I am hyper sensitive to objects situated above my head. :))

2. Im OCD in a way that I count things (like coins) for at least 7 times

3. Im the most indecisive person you'll ever meet, I always need others opinion

4. I went to university at 14, switched major 4 times and finally after 6 years Im graduating this March :) (grad ceremony would be on May though)

5. I like food so much that I decided to enter the food industry :)

6. I have about 4 blogs, this is my personal blog, my food blog : Oishii Please , my Project 365 and my blog about love (w/c was password protected) The Daydreamer :) but Ill give the pw if you bug me haha

7. I love lomography, polaroids.. basically I love film camera's

8. Asian cruise would be my dream vacation, though I really wanted to go to Greece, Napa Valley and to Mont Saint Michel too.

9. If Im to relive, re-experience a certain chapter of my life... that would be when I was 10.. lying on a  beach, in an isolated island watching a meteor shower / storm.

10. I dont know how to swim nor how to whistle :P

11. If you search google for "plated desserts" you'll see a picture of me on the images page 21 haha
seriously the weirdest thing happened last Thursday... my ex-classmate Shelvy and her other classmate was looking for inspiration for their pastry class. So yeah they were browsing through google's images under "plated desserts"  and suddenly Shelvy called me showing me my picture and when they clicked it, it goes to this blog TT hahaha (do i freaking look like a plated dessert? :P)

Now Questions from Shasha ^^

1. What is your HG foundation?
I rarely put any make-up on these days and when I do I use BB cream instead.

2. What is your daily skincare routine?
I am the worst when it comes to skin care.. I wash my face with Skin foods Aloe Vera Bubble Cleanser. If I remember.. I use the Peach Sake toner, emulsion, serum and the Tomato Whitening Cream

3. What is your favorite movie ever?
Thats tough, I dont watch a lot of movies so....

4. Do you like Korean cosmetics?
Ive only tried Skinfood's BB cream, so i cant really tell :/

5. What is your favorite brand for skincare? why you love it?
Skinfood!! Its the only product that worked on me :)

6. Do you use eye cream?

7. What is your favorite book now?
Im reading some cooking related books now haha. Well mostly I read children novels LOL.. fictions are always the best XD especially when theyre about magic, adventures and mystery.. Im also reading B1 Gang ~ its a Filipino mystery novel (they have free e-books online yey!)

8. What are you doing when you have leisure time?
Aaah I miss having free time... The last time that i had a day off I made some panna cotta made from kanten (seaweed gelatin) and flavored with genmaicha tea also I made some blood orange syrup infused with sencha tea... experimenting for a project ^^

9. Do you like to eat junk food?
Not anymore.. Id rather have real food :)

10. Do you collect something? What are your collections?
Kind of... camera's?

11. Chocolate milk? or Strawberry Milk?
strawberry all the way :)

The toughest part is tagging people :/
m not even sure if they do tags as Ive never seen some of these bloggers do one...
Im tagging~ Hannah , Kaye ,  Je-anChiui , Krystar , Rebekah, Anne
Ashley , Jaro , Zeruda and Shen

majority of them i know / met in real life hehehe

Time for my nonsense questions :P
1. What / Where is your dream vacation?
2. Your favorite piece of clothing?
3. If you could change your name to anything, what would it be and why.
4. If you were born in the past (I mean way before you were born) in what era do you want to be at? and why?
5. What are some of the things that never fails to make you smile?
6. What was the sweetest thing a person did for you?
7. How many languages can you speak? or are you learning one?
8. Favorite comfort food?
9. Night or day?
10. A song that you will never get tired of..
11. and if you could have anything right now, what would it be? ^^

I tend to update my project 365 more~

and oh I like dancing.. Sometimes when i watch some Kpop videos I try to imitate the dance
like this...



Melody said...

Wahhh? You went to University when you were 14 :O ?! You're a genius *____* !!!

*proud to know you* :3

carizzachua said...

wow i enjoyed reading this. and you look so pretty in that photo!

Shen said...

Thanks for the tag, I must have missed it lol! I love cameras as well, I'd love to collect them too, if they weren't so expensive!

Honeykaye21 said...

Naloka naman ako sa plated desserts mo. Eeeee, wala naman eh. Thank you sa tagged. I'll do this tomorrow. Love you, Mariko. Miss na kita. <3

Zeruda said...

yay, you have a personal blog!! :D I thought you gave up on that and only run the food blog! So glad to find this :D

Hello said...


Jessica said...

Calm down Melody hehe.. Im no genius.. you just have to take a lots of tests then if youre above average they let you skip grade.. so maybe it was luck :))

Jessica said...

Hey.. how about you do this tag as well? I was tagged by someone else so ill tag you :)

Jessica said...

NP :)
I know.. and vintage cameras are so so expensive and hard to find TT

Jessica said...

By IP ata kasi siya.. ^^ hahaha prinst screen ko pa para sayo eh LOL

Jessica said...

Hehe for some reasons I cant let go of this blog :)

Jessica said...

Thanks Haya :)

Maria 마리아 ♥ said...

nice share :)

Jessica said...

Thank you :)

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