LXXXIV: Its a Small World

Oh yes it is~!

Anyway I bought my very first BB Cream and Dolly Wink falsies (Baby Cute No. 6) weeks ago.

I loooove how we have a lot of Asian Malls and Asian products here in BC. Ive been dying to try BB creams and Im surprised to see how many brands they have in the Asian malls here. A bit pricey though but at least I dont have to wait for shipping and if in case you changed your mind ~ its easy to return it back. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Now about the BB cream - I bought the Missha Perfect Cover #23, Im not sure how much it is on the internet nyaaaa I didnt do any research but anyway I got mine for $33.60 12% tax included 

Another positive thing about buying it in person ~ is that you get to try them first. They even have signs saying they give out free BB cream samplers but I was too shy to ask. So anyway since Ive read a lot of good reviews on the Missha brand I told the saleslady that I want the Missha one. They have the original BB cream, the Vita cream and the Perfect cover and since the Perfect cover sounds promising I bought that one.

Ive been using this for 3 weeks now and I could say my skin is really getting better. It has a really good coverage, I used to have a lot of scars on my face but because of the BB cream ~ my skin became lighter so there are only a few visible scars left.. 

The only thing I dont like about this BB cream is that it makes me look so pale see above picture. I also think the color is way too light for me - at least thats what I think, cause other people said it was just right. Hmm Oh yeah another positive thing is that its very long lasting-but I dont think I would re-purchase it again, Id love to try a different brand or maybe a darker toned BB cream? if there is oneㅋㅋㅋ 
On the Dolly Wink Falsies Baby Cute no.6, Actually its also the first time Ive used real lower falsies I didnt even put every piece LOL. Im not really used to that effect so I was kinda conscious about how I looked that day yeah.. Sorry for being such a noob.

You see my make-up is usually just BB cream or a Tinted Moisturizer, HEAVY liquid eyeliner!!!, some yellow-green-red and white eyeshadow, a peach or brown blusher and thats it. I like my lip color haha!

So next time I'll most probably try Dolly Wink's upper falsies~ Who cant resist Tusbasa's really cute face. Im also tempted to buy the Eyeshadow darn it! 

Now you see the downside of having all these products in reach.

but I really envy those people who can wear Circle Lenses
my eyes are just tooo small for them

Naw I gotta catch some sleep
classes starts tomorrow
aww to 7am kitchen classes
Til next post~~


Lina Kim ♥ said...

Missha PC BBC it one of my favorite BBC too! it doesn't oily. but shade 23 is a too dark for me. >.<

carizzachua said...

Y U NO show whole face? you're so pretty!

Rinny said...

I love the finish that the Missha Perfect Cover bb cream gives me, but the mineral oil in it clogs my pores and makes me break out T_T So sad, because it has so much more coverage than all the bb creams I've tried. I'm glad to hear it works well with your skin though! It looks great on you :)

babyaииE. said...

I think you're just pretty with or without make up! :)
But I admire the way you put that eyeliner! Im just not good at make ups. hehe..

Angie said...

you look like a doll! show your whole face, pretty girl!
pandaphilia fashion

hihihi! said...

yah, its true, you are a wizard with that eyeliner! u look super girly ^^
aha..but maybe its because im used to seeing u without eyelashes...i think u are more "you" without them! ^^
can't resist packaging of course ;) if dollywinks were packaged in a black box i wouldn't buy them :P where did u get them? ;) they are SOOO expensive in BC! ^^

hihihi! said...

aha its funny too i think bb cream was made for the asian market who want to be paler. but in canada everyone wants to look tan ;) im sure theres a darker shade (u are philipino right? :) so a darker shade would match u more ;))

Chiui said...

Hi! I use the EXACT same product. I've been using it since last year and I still love it :D Love love love :D where did you buy it? I buy online :p and it's only like ~16 i think? I buy them in smaller containers so I only spend ~10 USD.


hihihi! said...

aha sorry to spam u with comments but i can identity a lot since i live near van. i remember i discovered dollywink A few months ago in van and i also made a post called something like its a small world haha !!

Anonymous said...

was here :D really nice blog.

cominica-ai said...

you're so pretty~
i love wearing circle lens, my eyes is small too >.<

btw followed, hope you can do the same :)
visit me dear~

ಇ miharu ಇ said...

follow your blog ><
hope you can follow me back http://ciachiaa.blogspot.com/ :)

Anonymous said...

dropping by, nice blog.

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