Ow blogging... Now seems like the only thing I know how to write are my daily journals for my kitchen classes. So anyway yeah I have school this summer (and work as well) basically I go to school for five days and work for four or five days.  
So dont hate me for not updating or not visiting your blogs 

So I was supposed to blog about some events but because of school (and a little bit of procrastination) I ended up not doing so...
Remember my previous post? 
Well there's a reason for the title..
or should I say reasons

One of my classmates from elementary school  (from PH) told me that he has a friend in Vancouver turns out that that "friend" is also my classmates friend. haha

so last month, during my 2 week vacation from school.. Pauline invited me to hang out with her friends at new West, I brought my friend Carrie with me and we got to meet that friend 
some pics from that day~~

second.. my mom's co-worker knows my PT professor from univ days at the PH

and third my co-worker knows one of my classmate from univ (still from PH) 

So weird haha. Is it beacuse I have a small circle of friends, Im stereotyping and only hangs out with the same people or do I know a lot of people... haha

Anyway also last month, Carrie made some Korean food for me and Amy

and sadly that was also Carrie's last week in Vancouver

I miss my Unni's~
Carrie gave a lot of stuffs before she left
Did I tell you that she also studied aesthetics
and that she gave me some products to try (for my blemished skin)
review? or not? 

Now I gotta study for midterm exams~~


Morgane said...

Good luck with work and school, it's pretty hard when the sun is shining~
And this ice cream looks DELICIOUS *O*

Lina Kim ♥ said...

pls do review the products=)~~

and thaaank for your super sweet comment on my blog. omaww..u're such a sweetheart!
and Good luck for your exam. I am sure that you will do great :3

Anonymous said...

nvm, as long as you reply. Wow, seems like you have so much fun aye?

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