Its always an adventure when Im with Carrie ~ If youve been reading my blog, remember how we got lost at SFU way back and now we found ourselves at Horseshoe Bay. 

Original plan was to go to Ambleside Beach , which was just after the Lions Gate Bridge but since the bus driver told us that we need to get off at the last stop, and we were soo obedient that even though we saw a sign saying Ambleside Park... we still chose to trust the bus driver. hahaha!

So there... Hello ferry terminal and hello to the awesome view. Not bad, we took a lot of pictures, walked around, stared at the sea, sat on a bench while talking about the future - dreams and plans! and even played on the childrens playground xD we got on the seesaw and the swing, whats funny was some of the children stared at us while we were on the seesaw haha

Before heading back to the Ambleside Beach, we stopped by a Gelato shop near the bus station ㅋ and finally we were at the Beach. Again walking while talking about the future XD 

On the way home a car stopped right in front of us, then a weird guy wearing a mask got off and went for Carrie and guess what he was trying to slap Carrie with a huuuggge fish. LOL Vancouver was pretty crazy that day at Downtown there were people throwing beer bottles. Good thing we escaped right before the riot got worse..   

Oh gosh my writing is becoming lamer
now who does'nt love sunny days~


Shen said...

Pity about the odd guy with the fish, but I laugh at the children's playground - who can resist it, really? I love the photos, looks like you had a blast!

carizzachua said...

love the last photo!! so pretty~ :)

hihihi! said...

OMG I AM SO JEALOUS K hahahaa of vancouver it looks soo nice i havent been there for soo long like half a year or longer even though i live so close ;P
ahhh u have no idea how much i love u right now cause it hink ambleside parkis the park that I was looking for years and years of that we went to a long time ago and LOVED but didnt know the name of :P
love the photos, u and ur friend look like ur having fun :) if u dont mind me asking are u studying at sfu again...? :)

Jessica said...

I love love your outfit! This looks like it had been a nice day. :)

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