LXXXI: Tourism Challenge

While Im not doing anything yet~ Im gonna blog again haha
2 Post in one day xD
you can check out the other one here - LXXX: Downtown

Picture Spam xD Last May 26 I went with my Mom and her 2 friends to do their Tourism  Challenge. We first went to the Police Museum in Cordova, I brought my DSLR that day and guess what.. I forgot my memory card at home haha so the pics at the Police Museum are all LQ so I didnt posted any. We also stopped by at our workplace then rode one of those Sight Seeing Bus at Canada Place.

It was fun! I felt like a tourist of some sort as the bus driver was also giving info's about Vancouver.So... It went around the Coal Harbour, passing the Olympic Torch, Burrard, the Art Gallery and all the way to KitsilanoWe went to the Museum of VancouverSpace Centre and the Maritime Museum my mom's friend then lend me her memory card~~

We rode the trolley again it went around Kitsilano saw beautiful houses and really cool cars ><" And this is where Ive learned that a lot!! of Hollywood films were shoot here. The trolley also dropped by Granville Island where Ive always wanted to go TT And then to Yaletown, Vancouver's Main Library, the stadium in Chinatown where you can find the world's narrowest? slimmest? building xD 

Last stop was Dr. Sun Yat Sen Garden then we ate at a restaurant in Chinatown sorry I forgot the name. They serve Filipino-Chinese foods so steamed buns arent called baozi, but Siopao and you can get Pansit and my ever so favorite spicy squid
Tita Rhea, My Mom and Tita Laura
with my Mom
Latte Art, soo pretty but I dont really like coffee~~


Zeruda said...

Love your pics! Trolly sounds cool! ^^

Hello said...

YAY~ 2 posts <3 I am glad your work is going well! ~

Melody said...

Omg the fooddd ! I'm so hungry T____T"
OH NO. YOU HAVE ATTACKED ME AFTER I DID IT TO YOUU AHAHHAHA <3 But um, hehe, the photos look really nice !! ^__^"

Lina Kim ♥ said...

the pic above the latte looks super delicious, what is that? =)~

cominica-ai said...

The chinese garden is so pretty!!
all your pikkus look so good ^_^

Your mom looks really young ^0^

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