LXXX: Downtown

Prolly removing disqus was a great idea then? xD So anyway its my summer vacation already,

but I guess Vancouver mightve skipped Summer as its getting colder and colder here  brrr and i thought I could throw my jackets and go back to wearing shorts again, hmp
 scratch that ~ Vancouvers weather so unpredictable.. It was soo cold during the weekend but sunny the last days

Anyway school had been fun, though it wasnt what I expected of... I found some people to be really rude and some of their comments, conversations to be racist and ugh. And there are these people who acts nice in front of you and then youll find out that theyre actually calling you a f***ing azn b**ch. So nice of them eh

On the bright side I told you guys that I work at a 5 star hotel, so yeah I get to see and talk to the great Chefs and cooks there. They always ask about school and gives tons of advices. Also I had new friends and got to go around Vancouver~~~ pictures!! ^___^
So last month? I met Insu then he introduced me to his friend Ray. They have this book about Canada, you know those travel books and they wanted to try one of the restaurants in there so that led us to Robson Street but then decided to go to Steamworks in Gastown near Coal Harbor instead. On the way we got distracted by the view in Canada Place~ North Van is sooo pretty!!

I guess Steamworks was a pretty famous restaurant, I love the interiors but it was way tooo crowded so its hard to take pictures. We had the tempesta pizza and the chicken tenders and fries. It was good but nothing really special.

Then we went to Vancouver Outlook~ 

Dont you just love the City Lights?


Zeruda said...

I love the last picture soooo much!! ♥

hihihi! said...

omg i loove touristy pictures of vancouver so much!! :) u make me fall in love with it all over again. ^^ glad u had fun all over! :)

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