LXXIX: Procastination + Fan Page

Oh my~!Its been uh 2 months since the last time I updated my blog.Im so sorry Ive been so busy with cooking school and work.

Anyway thank you guys for making me smile. kkk. Yesterday when i checked my formspring account there was a question/message asking when I will blog again :D
so here you go ^__~

I feel shy about posting some recent pictures though, Ive gained a lot of kg the past months.. Being always surrounded by food  I am always tempted to eat something. Ive been getting a lot of comment from my friends saying Im chubby already ><" and you know, I dyed my hair unevenly xD (Palty's -Milk Tea Brown) and Its getting looooonggggeeeerrr now but I have zero plans of getting a hair cut, yet.

and yes! I got a new camera, all thanks to my Dad :D and Ive finally got to wear the strawberry-printed usamimi headband from Ani :) 

I made a lot of new friends, went out with some and I also went around Vancouver with my Mom. All that, I would be sharing soon (of course there would be pictures)

but before I end this post...
here are some pictures of the stuffs I made at school :D

My Chef Instructor said that he really likes my creativity when it comes to plating. 

still a long way to go..
my 1st quarter ends this Friday
2 more days til vacation
and then Ill have more free time to blog

by the way someone suggested to make a facebook fan page for this blog~~ hmm?

til next time ;)
too lazy to use my bunny smileys


Lina Kim ♥ said...

waaah Ani from epued gave you the usamimi? she's really nice xD

Zeruda said...

Glad to see you update again EmJay! :D And i don't believe you've gained weight! :P You look just as pretty as always in your picture ^^

Melody said...

Eee. Pshh. As if you've gained weight - you look sexy as !!!!! ♥♥♥ hehe.

And ahhhh *-* food food food. I'm so hungry :( I think I've gained lots of weight though loool. Cos I do nothing but sleep ;~;

Also, I liked your facebook <3 !


Elisa ♥ said...

you're looking so slimmm !!! :D lovely picture!

hihihi! said...

hello~! can't write much cause im studying ><
omg your presentation is amaazing~~if fast food restaurants made their food that appealing i would eat it every day!! haha
its so nice to hear from u again~~ahh lucky school is almost over, what's next?

Effa ♥ said...

hi Jessica, u look matured & awesome! your hair is beautiful ^_^ all the best in your career ;)

Effa ♥ said...

Hi Jessica, I'm doing great!! I don't how to reply u cause u don't have chat box. I just know your blog from your comment on Facebook. I like your blog, it's kawaii ^^ thanks for drop by to my blog. owh sorry I disable my comment box cause I think it's not important to be comment. hehe but I think I'm going to show my comment box soon. have a nice day ;)

D.Sadie said...

Look at all that food! Welcome back to blogger. Haha. Great blog. Now following. It'd be great if we could follow each other.


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Anonymous said...

where to get a usamimi headband in vancouver? :(

Anonymous said...

thanks for your reply :) (sorry long reply LOL)
i got one at daiso thanks :D & ty for your concerns :)

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