LXXVIII: I hate Disqus

I had a very busy week
first week at school, work in between 
and some hours wandering around the city
Hey! Its rare that we get sunshine in Vancouver
Okay, anyways thank you to everyone who wished me luck
and hooray~!
I would soon be working at a 5-star hotel
Call it luck
but I say determination and self-confidence
nothing is really impossible eh?
see how I managed to snag a job at a very fancy place with only a month of work experience

Moving on
First week at school was so much fun
yeah fun even though I had to wake up at 4:30am
and leave the house before the sun even rises
I met a lot of people
made new friends
and got tons of assignments

For our Kitchen Class
we practiced knife skills
cutting veggies (and fingers) LOL
and making stocks

Thats pretty much it
and I dont want to bore you any longer~
he he he
Oh yeah I want the blogger comment box back
I hate Disqus
and I thought they make commenting easier ><"
If only the link to website box wasnt optional
I really want to view and read the blogs
of those who comments on my posts
And I cant seem to find instructions on how to uninstall it
can someone help me?


arttu said...

you have a cute blog! :) あなたは日本人ですか? sorry i'm not good in japanese haha

hihihi! said...

so glad to hear you're liking van better now! :)
and wow~culinary school? :)cute pic! and u make me excited for post-grad learning :)

Aleja said...

gnam ;)
the little rabbits are really cute :D

Marinella said...

That's the problem in Disqus. The "website" part is so small, that you won't notice it if you're not reading that while thing. It's not good for those who don't know what Disqus it.

hihihi! said...

how are you faring in lovely Van ^^? what are you cooking now??

Technology Consultant said...

I also hate disqus comment system.

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