LXXVII: He said so..

"If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies." 
Weird, I know
I always take on two sides
cause Im decisive like that

I was such a pessimist before
and I always always bring myself down
but Im glad I had outgrown that
Im proud to say that Im becoming more independent
more responsible, punctual!! confident and most of all POSITIVE

What seems to be impossible before
is now just a few steps ahead.
My dreams are now my goals!
and Im learning how to prioritize things
though I still have to learn how not to spend all my extra money on food and camera LOL
Anyway I had the opportunity to meet and talk to 
the Executive Chef at the Fairmont Pacific Rim
Chef David Wong~!
try to google his name and you'll see how great he is 
and guess what?
This award winning chef
just told this aspiring chef
that she's fantastic!
He even introduced this girl
to the Head of the Stewarding Department
talked to the HR about her
and since he knew her future chef instructors~
He asked him to say hi for him

I hope things turn out well.
Im Fantastic anyway!!
so they should hire me


now lets all go chasing after our dream!!

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