XXXIV: Catching Ups

Hi everyone.. Missed me? hehe

I had colds and fever the last days
but Im okay now so back to my food blogging
and yes I still eat a lot haha

Monday ~~
Went to Cartimar with my little brother to buy some food, shampoo & some treats for our no-longer puppy Chubby
will introduce him on my next blog ~ please watch out for that!

then we went to SM Hypermarket and ate some dumplings at Pao Tsin
they have really good dumplins..
and I like it fried!!!! woohoo unhealthy food :P

I was thinking of buying some Kimchi so we went inside the supermarket and looked at the different types of kimchi available but they only have the cabbage kimchi available in small portions so I told my brother that we will just get that one 

He actually made fun of this..

"Bili tayo ng kimchi yung nasa.pack"
Lets get some kimchi the ones on pack

My bro: "Kawawang kimchi Nasapak"
poor kimchi, he got beaten up

LOL Its hard to make it sound funny in English
 its basically just bec "nasa pack" (in packs..) sounds the same as the tagalog word "nasapak" which means got beaten up
so he made a joke out of it
he eve asked i i want a kikmchi with a black eye or somethng ...
what a weird brother,,

Anyway I ended up getting some dried squid flakes and more marshmallows

kinda spicy & really crunchy ..yum yum

strawberry filled marshies

weird, we saw a Durian flavored ice cream.. haha!

and heres the very memorable walkalator

I was eating ice cream on a cone and well wasnt paying attention to where i was looking.. stepped on the walkalator, slipped and there goes my ice cream cone ~~ it flew off my hand hahaha

take a look at what my bro did, and perhaps try to guess what this is..

pickled hotdogs ~ hihi just kidding theyre just hotdogs on water LOL

and then Tuesday~~
someone gave me these....

dried stuffs :P i like chewy squids better than the cruchy one ~ i enjoy chewing them thats why squid is my favorite food hehe

And then Wednesday~~
was my little brothers birthday hes now 14
ah hes growing up fast
Anyway we were supposed to go to tagaytay but my dad wasnt feeling well
then come afternoon my brothers classmates went to our house so we just ordered some pizza, mojos and chicken from Shakeys..

We also went out today..
Had lunch at the Superbowl of china with my aunt, uncle and some cousins
Too bad I forgot to bring my camera so Ive got no pictures to share..

We also bought luggages
Man~ am I really gonna leave the Philippines so soon :/

Ah well that's all for now..


Joanna said...

waaah! since pizza is one of my favourite foods im so hungry now LOL =D

Shen said...

You have a puppy? O: Can't wait to see it

All the food you got looks really nice .__. Makes me hungry xD

Angie said...

aww yummy foods :D ! hehe my brother's 14 too. he's growing up sooo fast it's crazy

Hyuna said...

all this food looks soo goodd :) And I lovee those marshmellow stuff, esp. the mango flavor!

Silkybow said...

awww the food all looks delicious.
I recently ate the marshmallows with the fillings haha.

Jessica said...

Wow! All of these foods look so good! Its making me hungry. hehe

vhinnie said...

OK I am drooling now. Btw, GET WELL SOON. :D

ching said...

look at all those mouth watering food!
you sure know how to make your readers hungry..haha

Ran said...

My bro: "Kawawang kimchi Nasapak" <-- hehehe that's funny! :D

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