XXXV: Chubby Noodles

As promised Im going to introduce you to the baby of our family..

his name is Chubby

I call him Chubby-doodles / Chubby-noodles
haha I dont really know why ~ I just find those words fun to say hehe
or maybe I just love foods way too much

Anyway my Aunt bought him November last year as an advance Christmas gift

And oh yeah he just turned 1 last August 3..

Did i say that hes the cutest and the sweetest little doggie ever
not to mention naughty and playful too..
he likes chasing after bees & moths and chewing on my pillows
i remember one time a bee stung him on the nose haha
also he loves stealing my panties from the laundry hahahaha

We have some similarities you know ~ he also love foods!!!
once he hear the sound of plates, spoon or fork or even wrappers hell hurriedly run to your side and use the "puppy dog eyes"
ironic though for he really likes Fish and Milk
hes probably half cat

I guess enough with the long intro..

Here are some of his first pictures..
was feeling lazy to take his baby pictures from my other phone hehe

he looks like a feather duster hehe

and then his hair got this long...
that giving him a bath-drying him became such a lazy chore to do

so his hair got tangled and I had him shaved...

and he grew his hair back and became a pirate..

*sorry about the messy house... I was told to start packing stuffs, yes Im being kicked out hahahaha

_so I need help with the vodka's, I mean drinks on my closet :P

And this is the "puppy dogs eye" technique hihi
flash makes his eyes yellow XD

I was eating lunch and looking down heres what I saw

And for the most recent pictures
which was taken last night while I was playing DSi
and before going to sleep

my living plushie.. whos wearing a circle lens haha kidding

So there you met him..
Now tell me isnt he the cutest thing ever?

before ending this post remember I was playing with the DSi's camera
here are some picture + doodles

I look prettier when distorted hahaha

trying to make a geisha look but I make a better jigsaw doll ~ whatever you call that haha

the geisha attempt

trying to make me look like a guy hahaha


Mimi said...

He's adorable~! *___*
What kind of dog is he?

My dog's hair got tangled as well and we had to shave her XD She looked quite similar.

carizzachua said...

oh super cute dog!!!! :3

v a m p i r e said...

haha your photos are so funny

chubby is a cute name lol i used to have a dog name FatFat

now my sisters named our new dog Malibu

lol i swear if i have a bulldog which is my fav dog i will name him DumbDumb lol

Shen said...

Omg! Is it a Shih Tzu? I used to have one that looks exactly like yours. They're such darls, really <3 So cute!

Angie said...

aww so fluffy and adorable! :D

Jessica said...

@Mimi.. thank You ah hes a Shih Tzu.. :)

@Carizza.. thank You :)

@Jasmine.. Dumbdub is a good name for a bulldog hihi

@Shen.. Oh yes yes.. Ooh what happened to the doggy?..

@Angie thank You :)

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