XXVI: Try Icky

Went to Cartimar with my younger siblings..
We bought a kilo of dog food for our Chubby and some Korean ice cream as well..

We then went to Harrison Plaza ~ which according to my brother is an enormous food court (3 floor food court)  LOL
there are also loads of Koreans there.. I wonder why?

We ate at Musashi Takoyaki ~ bought some Takoyaki with Katsuboshi!!!! please and Okonomiyaki for my brother..
I didnt liked theeir Okonomiyaki -pfft-

Anyway my funny little sister suddenly asked
"Why are all their foods have YAKI.. takoYAKI, cabbageYAKI & YAKIsoba"
Then my brother said
"Cause it sounds better than ICKY .. takoICKY, cabbageICKY, ICKYsoba ~wait that sounds even better ICKYSOBA! ICKYSOBA!"


Sanna said...

Looks so delicious!! Wanna taste it!

Mariko Jessica said...

Takoyaki is delicious indeed its actually one of my favorite foods hehe ^^ you should go try it, but i dont know about their Cabbageyaki.. :P

Ashley said...

Your brother is funny!!! Osaka has the best okonomiyaki/takoyaki in Japan! You should try. :)

Angie said...

haha yaaa i hate physics so much. ughhh. thank you for your sweet comments :)

Aryan said...

yum! Yaki actually means grilled in japanese. that's why lotsa japanese food have -yaki for a suffix.

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