XXVII: Instant Jjampong

My blog is slowly turning into a Food Blog.. isnt it? hehe
I just noticed, I kept on blogging about food LOL

Anyway there diff kinds of instant Jjampog
trying to differentiate these brands hahaha
just look at how many chili powder there is u_u

Sorry about the lame post haha *feeling sleepy*

I'll tell you more about the first picture next time and
ill be sharing more of that pictures too..


Silkybow said...

LOL I love food, so it's ok if your blog is going to be filled with yummy food :)

Phoebe R said...

love the pic mariko!

i havent tried jjampong, but yeah im kinda scared itll be too spicy as many have said. :P

btw, i linked you up na! :D

Angie said...

so cute! i love this outfit :)

Mia Delessi said...

I LOVE the first photo

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I love food blogs :D I love to see what people are eating :)

You look so cute! :) love the outfit!

carizzachua said...

love the outfit, dear! where did you get the inner top? and it perfectly goes well with the darker tone of pink :)

Mariko Jessica said...

@Silkybow & Rainy days and Lattes.. Yey! that's great then hehe :) and Thanks :)

@Phoebe.. thanks.. linked you too :)

Anyway you can try jjampong padin naman if you want it mild, dont put all the chili sauce thats what i do sometimes eh hehe..

@Angie & Mia.. Thank You :)

@Carizza.. Thank you! i got it from Genevieve. They have a white din nito pero mas maganda yung pink..

Ashley said...

Love this outfit, Jess! Cuteness galore!

Mariko Jessica said...

thanks Char.. I mean Ashley :)

t said...

Cute outfit!


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