XXII: Happy Gelato Day

Just cant get enough of Gelato and since its the last day of Gelatone's Eat-All-You-Can-Promo.. we seized the moment to get some more Gelato

Anyway my Dad couldn't come so...

here are some pictures

we found this rainbows on the floor cool right?

and heres two of my favorite flavors from Gelatone.. Puffo(Bubblegum) & Straciatella (Vanilla with Chocolate Chips)

my sister just cant get enough of Straciatella ~ she had 3 or 4 scoops of this hehe

And heres my outfit for the day..

Oh yeah I got a new Nail Polish from The Face Shop..
Went to three branches just to have this..
its the PK110 ~ its Pastel Pin

I really love how the color turned out, I added White dots..
but then Im really no good with Nail Painting.. I remember I bought this nail Stamping Kit last April or May? but still fails
still not used to this girly things :))

Til next post.. ♥ ♥


carizzachua said...

yummy nails XD love puffo too! this blog entry really makes me hungry *A*

Angie said...

aww you're such a sweetie :D i love your hair and your nails! sooo kawaii <3

Phoebe R said...

cute nails! it is hello kitty pink! lalo na when u added the dots. :D

hmm gelato sounds good, pero prang i've tried and im not much a fan. i like my ice cream creamy with milk. heheheh.

Mariko Jessica said...

Thanks for the lovely comments everyone :)

Im so happy you liked my nails, I thought it was a Failure hehe..

@carizzachua .. Puffo is one of my favorites, last time the flavor wasnt available then the owner heard it she hurriedly went to the kitchen to make one for us.. cool right ^^

@Angie.. thank you, thank you.. you are more kawaii ^^

@phoebe.. gelato is creamy naman din ^^ baka sorbet yun ~ wala aksing milk yung sorbet pure fruits siya medyo hindi ko rin gusto yung ganun esp. yung pineapple sorbet *eek* hahaha

Anonymous said...

thanks for following, cute pictures!

Mariko Jessica said...

thanks :)

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