XX: Going Korean

Another boring day..
since my house is surronded by Korean groceries, korean salons, korean, restaurants, korean clothing store haha I just went to the grocery and bought some chips :P

I also had some kwek-kwek (some street food ~ fried quail egg coated in orange batter).
The vendor was funny, he thought i was some foreigner LOL..
so he kept on talking with me in straight english :))


Phoebe R said...

You are going korean! haha i've only tried their ice cream.. other food hindi pa. i wanna try the soda. how is it different from our soda's here?

Mariko Jessica said...

haha.. omo.. i love their ice cream.. dun din ako nagstart pati pala sa ramyun :P then ayun sa chips na tapos yung soda nakitikim lang ako sa kapatid ko tapos ayun fell in love na :P

for me ah, parang mild lang yung pagka.soda nila. then yung milkis it kinda tastes like yakult ~ nakakatuwa :)

carizzachua said...

love their flavored water in panda bottles and the melona ice cream XD i used to work in a korean company so I ate a lot of korean foods also :D

Mariko Jessica said...

ooh.. i love that too :)

thats so cool ^^

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