XIX: Rainy Day

Signal no.1 here at Manila
but no stopping us
Still went to the mall with my younger sis.. LOL
Ultimate boredom..
Anyway my younger sister (Mina) was looking at the pictures on my digi cam when someone called..
So that explains these random candid shots.. there are more of these if youd ask :P Around 30+ haha..

Anyway when I got home I started cleaning up haha
look at just how many toys I have :P
that white bear on the back is superrrr big haha like the same height as my sister's
i got something half the size of that then I gave it to a street children, when i heard he wanted a stuffed animal toy :P hehe

theyre in need of a bath

there are five more who are not included in the pic..
one new and the other, i forgot to include them in the picture..

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