XV: Hello Manila

June 29, 2010

The day to leave Bicol.
One thing I hate about this day is that we have to wake up super early for my dad booked for the 7am flight. And the airport is like 40mins away from our place..
We left the house late so my cousin had to drive really fast, did i mention i have motion sickness?
Argh.. plus i dont really like the feeling when in the plane
I also have a problem with my Eustachian tube, in case you didnt know its the one responsible for balancing our ear pressure. Being airborne, its really really painful for me. Good thing its only a 30minute ride..

I forgot to tell you guys that I finally have my camera back
Last December my cousin broke my camera and my uncle offered to fix it.. for free haha! so after 6 camera-less months Im back to my old hobby of taking sel-ca's and random pictures

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