CXXVII : Craving for yakiniku right now!

One of the rare times when I use my DSLR... and like usual these photos were from 3 months ago when I went to Gyu Kaku to take advantage of the Dine Out Event in Vancouver.

Yakiniku!!! omnomnom

btw I had a huge bowl of Ramen that day too haha!

more from my phone....

bad idea to look at food pics at 3:30am :/

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Morgane ☆ said...

It lookq sooo delicious ;_; (and I just ate!)

Fashion Ganache said...

Omg everything looks delicious! Makes me so hungry too lol
Fashion Ganache.

Nana said...

Everything looks so delicious!

I HA said...

Omg that is so yummy. How are you, lovely?xx



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Junjun said...

Looks so yummy! *A*

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