CXXIV : Almost Forgotten

Months ago, my family and I went out for dinner... I told myself I was going to blog about it. And guess what? I almost forgot, but here I am now sharing some months old food pics

amuse bouche - Im not a big fan of foie gras but I really love the crispy fruit and nut bread chips

Had crab cakes and caesar salad for appie (no pic of the caesar salad)
Caesar salad is my fave kind of salad. I really liked how the one we had has hearts of palm and candied orange peel and house-made bacon

the highlight of the meal!!
especially when you got it for FREE
we also got free drinks and dessert

filet mignon oscar with dungeness crab, bearnaise sauce, asparagus and sweet pea puree and pommes frites

i think this one is not in the menu anymore.. lobster~

fish and cous cous.. not quite sure what kind of fish anymore.. they had changed some items from the menu so Im no longer sure about what goes in there

and lastly dessert..
a mix of all the desserts in one plate..
ice creams are all made in house

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