CXXIII : Christmas in January

Im probably one of the worst bloggers out there.. Writing about something that happened a month ago..

Anyway its the first time I went to my work's staff party.. Im starting to feel very very lazy in dolling up. I was hesitant to come but everyone in Pastry is coming so I did. I got an extra ticket expecting somebody to be my date but almost everyone I asked was busy.. or they just didnt want to be with me LOL either way I got a last minute date... Czarina, my classmate from Culinary school. yay!

I didnt took much pictures. Like what I said I was lazy.. I didnt want to carry a dslr so I only have my phone and my instax mini that day..

some of my co-workers in Pastry~

I ditched right after dinner.. which kind of got me in trouble.. The next day my chef said Id better have a good reason for leaving early without even saying bye or taking a group pic with the whole pastry team. XD

So many awkward moments during that night.. mostly because most people didnt recognized me.. TT I must really really look ugly during work eh?

cheers to my friend Kimchi for the desserts during that night..! 

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Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

love your hair!! great blog :) xoxo

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