CXIV : Gluttony and Girl Talks

My definition of a friend is too... profound? or so what somebody told me. This pretty lady beside me is named Chiui (visit her blog -click- ) and I met her maybe over a year ago when she left a comment on my blog.

First meeting, 2nd meeting, 3rd meeting and then this... 

That week I surprisingly had 5 days straight without work so I texted Chiui if she wanted to hang out. 

Moving on.. Original plan was to do a cruise around Vancouver but unfortunately, it was raining that day so we had to change plans.. Chiui and I met up at Landsowne. 

It was my first time around the area, I was quite surprised by how many restaurants there were on Alexandra Road. So.. Chiui wanted Korean food.. according to her.. there's two Korean restaurants in the area. One looks expensive and the other place was "cute" as described by her friend. She haven't tried any of the two yet..

Anyhoo it turned out that the expensive restaurant she was talking about was Jang Mo Jib. Ive been to their Vancouver -Robson St branch a couple of times but I cant be sure about the prices. And since Ive tried it already and we were curious about what that "cute" meant.. we decided to go to the other restaurant which was called Haroo.

The restaurant was kind of hidden, I think. I really like the atmosphere inside the restaurant! The mismatched tables and chairs.. it just gives you that welcoming aura, the feeling of being at home. Service wasnt as formal too and the owner/waiter was even wearing a floral apron and you could see him making kimchi on the back whenever he's not serving or taking orders, which I think was cool.

We both got something from the lunch special. I dont really remember how much it was but it was pretty cheap compared to other restaurants. I got the jajangmyeon with ganjang tteokbokki which I enjoyed the most!!  Chiui had the Bulgogi fried rice thingy? The jajangmyeon tastes different than what I had before and I dont know which is more authentic. 

After the meal.. we were looking for a cafe for tea and possibly dessert but neither of us had cash (and most of the restaurants here only takes cash - so if you're planning to go don't forget cash!!) We ended up going to Well Tea and had bubble tea (that I dont have a picture of). 

Funny part is.. there was this store nearby w/c was called superbored. The windows were tinted and there were two businessmen-looking guys outside. Chiui and I came up with these weird and dirty thoughts.

Scenario : Guy 1 was "superbored" and was looking for "something" to do.. Guy 2 was asking Guy 1 his type of girl.. cause you know ;) special service.. 

We were so curious so we went inside the store and was surprised to see that this was actually a clothing store. Imagine our faces when we got inside :)) hahaha so dirty minded LOL. 

After a long chat over bubble tea.. We decided to go to Richmond Centre, I got some stuffs from Fruits and Passion, Chiui got an earphone. We went to F21 but we got frustrated and just walked out :P

We then went to White Spot for our late dessert... 

We both had this trio thingy of desserts. I liked the apple pie the most!!! we also had a strawberry mojito which tastes sooooo gross.. eek

And of course, whats a day with a girl friend without taking pictures?


makeITpink said...

Awww sounds like you two had a great time. It's always fun to go on a date with a girlfriend hehe. =)

Jessica said...

It sure is :)

Cin said...

Hahaha superbored. Such a random name for a clothing store! You know, my boyfriend said the same thing to me when I was planning a date with my friend LOL. Ahh that tteokbokki looks reeally good. I guess were even now since you've made me hungry xD

♥ Denise ♥ said...

OMG the desserts look divine!
glad you had a great time and food with your fds :D

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