CXIII : Santouka Ramen

Loooongg post delay. Remember the previous post about my trip to the Aquarium. Well.. this was what I ate that day.. RAMMMMENNN!

Originally planned to go to Kintaro but there was a looong line outside so we went to Santouka Ramen w/c was just a few blocks away..

btw Hokkaido Santouka Ramen is a franchise restaurant. They have branches all over Japan, USA they even have branches in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, indonesia and here in Vancouver, Canada!

Santouka also had a lineup. ><" but santouka's is bigger than Kintaro and the two people infront of us didnt want to sit by the bar thingy so yey! we got a table :)

I like Miso Ramen the most!!
and since this is something I ate weeks (maybe even a month) ago, I couldnt really give a proper review.

** note to self : try to blog about something asap

and I feel the need to share this song...


Hilary said...

Ooh I love ramen. :D But I haven't had some for ages. ;A; It looks really good. c:

Alina Anghel said...

the food looks delicious! xx

Ice Pandora said...

Delicious looking
ramen c: enjoy!


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