LX: Hair Tutorial?

Am I the only one who feels so lazy during cold weather ~~

Nya! Was supposed to mail some letters but I didnt
haha~ It snowed last Thursday and I only went as far as the next block!
and decided to do it next week instead (cause we went out yesterday)!

Its a pretty view isnt it
I just hope snow's warm so i could enjoy it more

btw try moving the cursor back and forth the picture ~ its snowing pink!!!

Moving on Friday (yesterday) Im glad it rained so the snow melted fast

Mom told me to get ready for we would be going out that afternoon
So I had my hair and make-up done when Mom said lets just stay home today

i rarely put on make-up now FYI .. so i was like

Anyway I took some pictures
Okay many photos! haha

wearing a Pink Panda Tee ~ Mini Skirt ~ Glittery Suspenders ~ tights

LOL ugly face - but I love how my eyes looked in this photo

And this is how I did my hair
picture taken through DSi - so quality would be diff

NOW Picture Spam!!!

Oh another blurry shot of hair style ~~

Oh yeah! My Mom got me this really cute mittens
Its actually a cross of a bear & a goat LOL!


There are some people asking for a Hair Tutorial
and uhm
Would you guys want me to make one?

Oh~ forgot.. it turned out my Mom has a meeting the next day so there we still went out..
And my sibling finally got their Wii and I got my chocolate end of story XD

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