XXXII: Guru Guru Sushi

So today we finally had our eyes checked at AEI.
My brother had to go another set of tests, for the doctor saw some signs of possible Glaucoma..
this could lead to blindness
Thank God it was negative

now.. Before i start the Food Blogging / Picture Spamming
here's a picture of me at AEI's waiting area
while waiting for my brother..

I finally have a cropped shirt.. yay!

Moving on..

We then had our Early Dinner at Sakae Sushi
Its a "Guru Guru" Resto ~ you know the ones which have little plates of two or so Sushi's revolving around through the conveyor belt..

But according to my Aunt, Guru Guru restaurants at Japan sells really cheap but *thinking of the opposite of delicious~Fails* LOL
In other words she doesn't recommend going to a Guru restaurant at Japan if you want fresh & tasty Sushi

Anyway here are the photos..

Takoyaki ~ yay! Katsuboshi

Okonomiyaki ~ its better compared to the one we got from Musashi Takoyaki



Gohan... Rice!!



Ika Tempura ~ you mightve noticed my bias towards seafoods hahaha


food is so so

There's nothing really different about their food..
just the usual taste you get from another Japanese Restaurant
the only thing is its fun seeing sushi roaming beside your table..^^


Fakhrur Razi berkata said...


carizzachua said...

oh, i dont like sashimi much too. you're making me hungry~

good to know that your brother is alright :)

Mariko Jessica said...

@Fakhur Razi berkata.. you like Takoyaki too? :)
Japanese foods are really yummy hehehe..

@carizza .. hehe sorry, and yes im glad hes alright

Anonymous said...

ahh the food looks good! Im so glad i had sushi last night before I saw your post! XD

glad to hear your brother is okay!

Angie said...

*hug* :) noo your outfits are always so cute haha. yeah tripod is my best friend - if i had to pose for people i'd get so camera shy too. that top is very cute. such yummy foods too!

Shen said...

Gosh all the food >w< Makes me hungry now keke

Zeruda said...

You just made me incredibly hungry! :P

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