CV: Stamp Collecting

A few weeks ago me and some co-workers went out to do the tourism Challenge. I actually finished mine the week before but since it was my day off I decided to come with them.

So we met at the Canada Place where we were supposed to take the Hop On-Hop Off Buses but all the buses were full so we ended up taking the shuttle to the Capilano Suspension Bridge..

with Bryan and Jean

I didnt bring a camera so most of the pics are stolen from Jean and Joshua or taken through my phone

The last time I went here there was only 5 people in that bridge but look how many there are today..

We went back to Downtown for lunch at a Japanese Restaurant somewhere in Robson.. I told you I became really picky with food after Culinary school.. so I didnt really enjoyed the food. ><

with Bryan and the really bland Miso soup
We then went to Fairmont Pacific Rim (work) to meet up with Joshua and get a stamp from the Cafe. 

Then we went to Gastown and rode one of those Tour buses

We got off somewhere near Granville Island and rode a ferry to Vanier Park..

while waiting for the ferry
Yarin (Jean's son) and one of the displays at the Vancouver Maritime Museum

Posing with the displays at the Museum of Vancouver .. dont tell anyone I went up
and Bryan did a better job XD
We then rode the trolley to Chinatown --- Dr. Sun Yat Sen Garden and walked all the way to the Vancouver Lookout to get their final stamp and our Tourism challenge ID.

And here's a random sel-ca~~ hehe IDK what you call these mirrors but I love em.. instant fisheye effect!


Bommiie said...

Seems cool!
I feel like riding a ferry now XD

Renee Jacobe said...

Hi Jessica! Thanks for dropping by my blog! Commented back. I really love your military jacket! Reminds me of My Chemical Romance. Hahaha! Thanks again for reading my blog. I hope you follow it in the future. :)

Renee J.

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