LXII: Q&A + The Wonderful Otoshidama Box

Hows everybody?

I am so distracted today ~ that I rode the wrong bus home haha!

Anyway since Im out of things to blog about
and surely you guys wouldnt be interested with my monotonous everyday life *pfft

Ill just do a Q & A
if you wanna know more about me
or just curious about something
go ahead and 
leave your question on the comment box 

above picture taken sometime in February
>_< yikes! thigh muscles

<3 <3 Please drop by and say hello to my blogger friend ~ Rebekah 

And Great News to Filipino Japanese-fashion lovers out there..

My photographer friend Jaro is having an awesome giveaway
in celebration of his 500th post

Its fashion, beauty and art in one

★ (FASHION) A full get up/ensemble of a trend you love! Styled & picked byJaro
★ (BEAUTY) Make-up shimmers & blush-ons to match your look from Me & My Mom Cosmetics picked byJaro
★ (BEAUTY) A contact lens of your pick from Purpektion Shop!
★ (ART) The three (3) 4R prints from F.O.Btography w/z  Jaro's signature, your own selection from his works! :3

So if you're from the Philippines
and you love Japanese fashion
drop by Jaro's blog
and comment which Japanese fashion you love the most ~~
whether its Lolita, Gyaru, Decora or Mori....

deadline of entries: January 2nd
Go to: http://jaro.luckydot.org/post/2092746754 for more details

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